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More About Us

We are, Rachel Witkowski and André Hansen, the founders of WH Partners. We both have solid professional experience in the logistics, administration and management of complex projects, mainly in hostile environments.

We have worked for over 20 years in international public organizations serving nations as clients, and have a proven track record in leadership positions in the commercial world supporting international organizations, governments and business leaders industry. We ensure reliable and high quality services while achieving significant savings for our customers.

Based on a fairly unique mix of professional experiences, perspectives as a service user, service integrator, service provider, we have taken the logical step to begin our own journey in 2021 and we created WH Partners to be able to offer you our services.

We are proud to have been able to put our skills immediately at the service of public, governmental and commercial clients who have entrusted us with their missions.

Our team of professionals are passionate about serving our customers, providing them with the most effective and efficient solution, which very often means for customers working together with partners, who have the same needs or very similar.

This allows for economies of scale while maintaining full control of one's own priorities.

Our experience helps you find tailor-made solutions to your challenge, from strategy and concept through to implementation and day-to-day monitoring.

Business Conference


  • Project Management

  • General Contracting

  • Integration

  • Representation

  • Consultancy

  • Data Analysis

  • Training and Certification

  • IFZA - Premium standards of business setup in UAE

  • ISO Implementation & Certification

  • ISO Training & Certification

Clients and Partners


• Operation and management of LR Drive-Ins
• Consulting and quality management on government medical projects
• Implementation of cross-functional projects of innovative services
• Establishment of cooperation between commercial entities
• Representation of international companies at LUX

It is essential to position yourself well and to stand out with different and tailor-made services, this to differentiate yourself on the market and your industry.


WH Partners is proud to announce that it has been allowed to apply the "Made in Luxembourg" label for its activity in Luxembourg, being close to its customers, underlining its profound knowledge of local best practices and regulations, respecting local values and traditions whilst being innovative and future oriented.

The label “Made in Luxembourg” can be considered as an additional promotional tool for Luxembourg companies wishing to distinguish their products and services, by emphasizing their Luxembourg origin.

To obtain this Luxembourgish label, it is necessary to follow defined proceedings , fulfill set criteria which will be thereafter evaluated by the Chamber of Commerce.

WH Partners considers the “Made in Luxembourg” label being an important factor which symbolizes trust, loyalty, know-how and we are proud to be a part of it.

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